Field Engineer support and
Third-Party Maintenance
across the whole of Spain

Welcome to Apolo


Break/Fix Support

  • Full range of SLAs including 24/7/4
  • Highly qualified English-speaking Field Engineers
  • Labour Only or Parts & Labour
  • Smart Hands or Full Service

Hardware Installations

  • Structured cabling
  • Racks and server cabinets
  • Routers, switches and WAPs
  • Printers and other office peripherals

Projects and Maintenance

  • Site surveys and audits
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Office moves and relocations
  • Decommissioning and disposal

Spare Parts & Warehousing

  • Procurement & management (Parts as a Service)
  • Conveniently located storage facilities
  • Inventory and distribution management
  • The right part in the right place at the right time

24/7 Service Desk

  • Centralised point of contact
  • Field engineer support
  • Ticket tracking and management
  • Remote access diagnosis & technical assistance
Desktop Services
  • IMAC services
  • MS Office, browsers and Email
  • Updates and Upgrades
  • Switchboards and VOIP


Apolo provides support services across a broad range of systems and technologies. Our Field Engineers are trained in many of the technologies from the following fields:

  •  major enterprise servers
  •  network infrastructure
  •  data processing
  •  storage
  •  communications
Cisco    Microsoft Surface Hub   SGI    Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Avaya   Accedian     Riverbed   Oracle


Apolo manages a nationwide team of dedicated Field Engineers:


  • experienced in a broad range of systems and technologies
  • thoroughly professional, highly efficient and with attention to detail
  • fluent English speakers with in-depth knowledge of local environment
  • ready to meet your service requirements at a moments notice
  • based at Apolo locations strategically distributed across Spain:
A map showing the location of Apolo Informatica engineers in Spain


Apolo maintains successful partnerships with leading Third Party service providers from the UK and the US as well as other European countries.


We manage Field Engineer support for your service and maintenance commitments across the whole of  Spain.


Apolo provides technical support for a wide range of end-customers in the aviation, finance, consulting, telecommunications, food, transport and entertainment industries.

Outsource International         Fortitude NICSA Global Comtech Services Inc         Solid Systems Global   Contingent a Comcast Business Company      SPE Solutions     

MotionPoint       TRT

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